How To Penny Pinch When Buying E-Juice (And When Not Too)

This blog is dedicated to providing you with money saving tips when buying e-juice. We have a lot of posts lined up that will tell you exactly how to do that including this one. Before we get into those posts, let this article serve as a disclaimer.

There is a time to penny pinch when buying e-liquids and there are some other times where you should buy the e-liquid full out at full price. This is because some e juice brands like Milk by the Pound are not that readily available to get discounts and they are premium lines worth the buck. So if you can’t get a deal just remember that shouldn’t be a deal breaker because you might miss out on the best e-juices that are currently not giving out any specials.

Sure you want to save a buck when you can and here are a few ways to do it.


Sign Up For Online E-mailing Lists At E-Juice Websites

I am sure that you have bought e-juice on the web already. You probably paid full price on it and again that is okay. Moving forward now you want the deals and an easy way to do that is to sign up for the emailing list of your favorite eliquid sites. Once you sign up for the mailing lists you’ll more likely than not get an email every now and then with a steep discount. If you time your vape purchases correctly then you can capitalize on these deals and pay 40-60% less on your fav juices.

Search Coupon Sites For The Best Deals

There are a few good coupon sites like retailmenot that actually offer coupons for a lot of eliquid sites that you can use when checking out. Now granted most of these coupons are junk and don’t work but whoever said penny pinching is easy? A dollar saved is a dollar earned which means you still gotta earn it. Check out coupon sites like these and try using some of the coupons when checking out. If you get a discount you lucked out!

Set Up A Wholesale Account At A Manufacturer

This is really a pro tip. You can call in to a eliquid manufacturer that makes your fav juice and pose as a retailer or a vendor and actually order juice at bulk for almost 90% off what you would pay online or at retail stores. You have to be a bit slick with this one but it’s definitely doable because I have done it to be honest. Call in to the manufacturer and ask about there minimum quantities. Usually this is as low as 100 bottles. If you are paying $6 per bottle for these 100 bottles, that comes up to $600 your spending but your getting 100 bottles. In store you would pay $19.99 for each bottle, meaning for a 100 bottles you would pay $2000. That’s a huge savings of $1400!

Also at that price, $600 would get you only 30 bottles of juice. You will likely buy 30 bottles of juice in the next 6-12 months. Might as well buy them all at once and get 100.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with this approach at all. Manufacturers will be happy for the business.

That is it for today’s post and I really hope these tips help you save some bucks. But remember my initial disclaimer which was to know when to penny pinch and when to spend the bucks.