How To Stop Someone Quit Smoking

Here’s my experience on How to Stop Someone Quit Smoking, someone very dear to me, my dad. My father has been smoking for over 30 years to my mother’s frustration. She has tried many ways on how to stop him smoking but have never succeeded. This time she gave her ultimatum to him. Stop smoking or she’ll leave.

So I had to try my best to save my parents’ marriage. Initially I tried persuading him to stop and when it had no effect I got him to enroll in a class to stop smoking. He was determined to stop too but it always lasted only a few days. Whenever he got stressed at work he would start again. It was a difficult time as he was worried about getting retrenched as well.

I was almost giving up until Father’s Day when I was looking for a present for me and someone suggested that one way on how to get someone to quit smoking is to give them an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. I didn’t know what it was but I asked my friend to order it for me. Any little hope was enough. My friend was reluctant to use it initially but since it was a Father’s Day gift he had to try it out. The initial set had nicotine at a relatively high dose and my dad had a good time smoking the electronic cigarette. Even my mum was pleased as there was no passive smoke which normally would cause her to cough.

After a few days, my dad decreased the percentage of nicotine and eventually after 3 months, he had got it down to a very low level. Now he smokes with almost no nicotine and no smoke of course. He is targeting zero nicotine next year but he will continue to smoke except that there is no nicotine. (He just loves the act of taking out a cigarette and smoking.) If you have someone whom you would like to quit smoking, do try out this method. I am so glad that I did. For me, this is the best way on how to get someone to quit smoking.